Accident insurance in the test: The most important test winners at a glance

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Accidents can turn life over completely overnight. More than 25 million consumers therefore rely on a private accident insurance, which financially supports them in an emergency. Which insurers offer very good protection, show different tests. Whether the current test winner but also the best personal choice, shows only an individual comparison.

Accident insurance in comparison: Which test winner will be there in 2018?

The business magazine Focus-Money had more than 30 rates for accident insurance from the rating agencies Franke and Bornberg tested for the 13/2018 issue this spring. The experts focused on offers that offer insured persons top protection . Among other things, it was examined whether the accident insurance

  • for salvage and repatriation costs,
  • the accident term extends to other damages such as mental disorders and infections as well
  • Provides assistance with care and rehabilitation.

As a model customer was a 27-year-old man willing, the insurance sum of 100,000 euros and a progression of 500 percent . The higher the latter, the higher the actual payment of the accident insurance will be, if customers have suffered serious health damages from the accident. Since the cost of insurance can vary depending on the job, the annual contributions for the professions painter and banker were determined.

The overall grade consists of 70 percent of the benefit and 15 percent of the contribution assessment . Only two providers achieve excellent results with their accident insurance in the test. Another 13 are very good according to the comparison.

The top 5 at a glance:

providers tariff Annual costs painter Annual costs banker
GMO “Top Vit” 167 euros 102 euros
InterRisk “Concept XXL with standard taxe” 216 euros 120 euros
Stuttgart “Accident prevention active premium” 232 euros 123 euros
HanseMerkur “Top with articulated taxi I” 231 euros 146 euros
LBN “LBN Better +” 125 euros 125 euros

As the table shows, private accident insurance does not have to be expensive. The exact amount of the insurance contribution, however, depends on various factors such as the occupation and the desired benefits . These different criteria are difficult to model with a single model customer.

It is therefore advisable not only to consider the test winner in the choice of the best personal accident insurance , but to compare several offers individually using a tariff calculator.

Best accident insurance for children

Focus-Money also provided the best accident insurance for children. The insurer GVO once again asserted itself with an outstanding rating for the “Top-Vit” offer. HanseMerkur also performs excellently with the tariff “Top with articulated taxi I”.

If parents want to protect their children with a private accident insurance, the costs for the top rates determined by the magazine amount to 61 euros to 109 euros per year.

Private accident insurance in the test: Further test results 2018

The Handelsblatt also used the rating specialists of Franke and Bornberg in January 2018 to examine which accident insurance companies offer the best mix of price and performance . Since the experts considered almost the same criteria as for the Focus-Money test, the test winners hardly differ from each other. This is how GVO, InterRisk, Stuttgarter and HanseMerkur are familiar names. Only Ammerländer advances with the accident insurance “Exclusive” in the top 5.

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Private accident insurance in the test of Stiftung Warentest

The last test of Stiftung Warentest on private accident insurance was already several years ago. At the time, the consumer organization was examining 124 tariffs , of which only five have achieved a very good result. The investigation was based on a model customer who wishes to receive a one-off payment of € 500,000 in case of total disability. In addition, should be paid in the event of his death, 10,000 euros to survivors. Such a death benefit is possible with private accident insurance. However, it usually leads to higher contributions.

The following five accident insurances are very good from the point of view of Stiftung Warentest :

✓ InterRisk with “XXL MaxiTaxe”
✓ InterRisk with “XXL PlusTaxe”
✓ Swiss Life with “Primus Plus”
✓ InterRisk with “XL PlusTaxe”
✓ SHB with “comfort”

Since the test dates back to 2015 , the results are no more than a rough guide. After all, offers may have changed in the meantime and other insurers have improved their services . With a personal price-performance comparison, interested parties can find out which insurance companies currently have an optimal mix of costs and scope of services.

Private accident insurance in comparison: who offers the best benefits?

Whether private accident insurance companies are worth their money, the magazine WirtschaftsWoche wanted to know at the end of 2017. For this purpose it had 173 offers from 60 suppliers for two different sample cases examined by the analysis house Morgen & Morgen. The focus was on the benefits of the respective insurance company.

In the first case, the model customer is 30 years old. He wants a private accident insurance with a sum insured of 200,000 euros and a progression of 500 percent. In the second case, the base amount is 300,000 euros and the progression is 350 percent.

If accident insurance offers outstanding benefits, this has been awarded five stars. According to the test, the following insurers achieve this rating:

case 1 Case 2
InterRisk “XL” InterRisk “XL”
InterRisk “XXL” Waldenburg “Premium”
Waldenburg “Premium” InterRisk “XXL”
Waldenburg “Premium Plus” HanseMerkur “Flex Top”
HanseMerkur “Flex Top” “Waldenburg” Premium Plus “
Volkswohl Bund “accident Easy
ComfortPlus Protection + L-Taxe “
Janito’s “Best Selection Trend Inv.”
The Liability Insurance Fund “Vario Komfortschutz-Plus” Gothaer “UnfallTop PlusDeckung 2014”
The Liability Insurance Fund “Vario Full Protection” Inter “Premium”
Janito’s “Best Selection Trend Inv.”  
The Bavarian “Optimal Prestige”  
Inter “Premium”  

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Accident insurance in the test: What experience do customers with their insurance?

If one’s own health is permanently impaired after an accident, those affected want to be able to rely on the services of their insurance company and not argue about it. Many people who are interested in a private accident insurance, therefore value the experience of other customers .

In the summer of 2017, the Service Value analysis institute evaluated around 2,500 customer opinions on 33 insurers for the first time. The insured assessed the fairness of the provider in the areas of product offer, insurance conditions, claims settlement, price-performance ratio, customer service and consulting.

A total of eight insurers score points with a very good rating from their customers; another eight score well. AachenMünchener, Gothaer, InterRisk, Zurich, R + V, Stuttgarter and VHV are among the 16 providers with a top rating.

Find individually best accident insurance now

The majority of accidents happen at leisure or at home. However, this is where the safety net of the statutory accident insurance does not apply. An additional accident protection is therefore useful . To ensure that insureds are satisfied with their provider for a long time, they should not only pay for the consequences of a classic accident, but should include as many benefits as possible, such as long-term health effects from a stroke, insect bites or vaccinations.

With an individual comparison, interested people face a variety of offers. In this way, not only the benefits, but also the costs for the important accident protection can be easily compared . So you can easily find the personal best private accident insurance.

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